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Early results from Industry polls indicate that there is great competition for you mortgage business. At the same time many lending institutions are still feeling the effects of the new federal mortgage rules. This means that there are people who want your mortgage business.

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Hong Kong’s housing market is similar to many major Canadian cities.  Foreign investors are starting to buy up property as an investment or a safe haven. In Hong Kong they charge non-resident purchasers an extra 20% deed transfer price to keep the market prices from skyrocketing. The Canadian Government could do the same thing to non-residents buying homes and driving the price of housing way up.

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We can get the best mortgage to help you buy your new home.

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Providing The Best Quality In Time

What We Do

     We realize that your time is important to you. Through the use of technology, we are able to efficiently have the approval and offer of a mortgage back to you in record time.   You can get comfortable with a quick closing of the home of your dreams. In addition, you can save on the regular posted 5 year fixed mortgage renewals, which are listed at 4.99%. You will be pleased to learn that you can actually get a mortgage rate as low as 2.50%.

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We find you the lowest mortgage rates available.. Then we get you approved in as little as 1 week.  

Why apply now? You can get pre-approved for a mortgage and enter out cotest for a chance to win $50,000.


Why Work With Us


     Our team is ready to work for you. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. When you get a mortgage payment reduction, with a savings of 2.05% this could mean that you could save $12,000 over the 5 year term of your mortgage ($200.00 per month). In addition, successful applicants can enter our contest to win a $50,000 donation to their mortgage. Please call Dean at (902) 493-3326 today.